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How can the trials of a believer in Christ be treated as a stewardship? What if there is a lot more to the trial than we see on the surface? What if trials are in reality “disguised gifts” from the Father? What if trials are one of the avenues God uses to display His glory through the lives of His children? What if trials produce stewardship rewards for the believer who endures them faithfully?

Blight Or Blessing takes dead aim at trials as a stewardship and argues that when trials are managed as God’s property given to us, we find trials to be a blessing – not a blight!

“Since trials are not just an if, but a when, we need to understand the purpose of difficult times. Tom Wright powerfully engages the reader by navigating biblically through trials to help us victoriously face the trouble of today and tomorrow.”

—Jeff Beckley, Pastoral Staff, Memorial Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio,

Author of Bottom Line Devotional

“This book takes a fresh approach to the issue of suffering. Tom writes with the heart of a pastor but this Scripture rich book will challenge you at every level. Most of all, it will challenge you not just to endure but to steward your suffering for God’s glory.”

—Sol Green, Retired Pastor and Biblical Counselor, Columbus, Ohio

“The test of a book’s value lies in how its truths affect you. Tom Wright has written on the theme of suffering in a way that has expanded my appreciation of God’s purposes in it. Suffering, particularly in the believer’s life, is more than something to endure. It is a work of grace for which we will give an account as stewards. I commend Tom’s book to you and trust that reading it enriches your life as much as it has mine.”

—Tim Kenoyer, Retired pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio

“Much has been written on trials and suffering. Getting through them, finding hope in them, conquering them...but seeing trials as stewardship and responsibility from Almighty God? What a life-altering truth! A regularly forgotten principle to an ever-relevant topic. Full of pastoral wisdom and faithful exposition, this book is packed with truth for those in trials or for those desiring to accurately and biblically care for others in the troubles of life. May the church come to comprehend the truths laid out in this work and may it be to the praise of His glory!”

—Paul LaBorde, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Otsego, Michigan

“What makes a book great instead of just good is the degree to which it gives glory to God. In Blight Or Blessing, Pastor Wright directs our gaze upward when life hurts. Instead of asking “Why me, God?” his readers are encouraged to ask, “How can I use this trial to serve you, God?” Much of what is presented as Christian teaching today promotes the false idea that God exists to make us happy and successful. In contrast, Pastor Wright presents the biblical teaching that we exist to bring glory to God and sometimes He determines the most effective way to do that is through experiencing trials. Those who read the book and take it to heart will see their trials from a whole new perspective and begin to use their trials in a whole new way!”

—Larry Nocella, Pastor, Camden Baptist Church, Wellington, Ohio

“I happily commend Tom Wright’s book on trials to you because its approach is fresh, clear, and practical. Tom writes from a warm pastoral perspective after many years of valid experience. You will be both prodded and comforted by the scriptures he deals with. He will encourage you not to ‘waste your trials’.”

—Dave Warren, Bible Conference Speaker, Friend, and Fellow Minister, Cedarville, Ohio

Tom Wright has served as lead pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, for over forty years. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Trinity College, and Baptist Bible Seminary. He has spoken at multiple conferences and led seminars on leadership, men’s discipleship, missions, local church evangelism, both in the United States and in several foreign countries. Along with his wife Sue, they have conducted marriage and parenting conferences. They have four children and thirteen grandchildren. He maintains a blog called Thinking It Thru.